How can I contact the seller?

  1. If you create your own profile you can contact the seller directly via an online chat.

    If you do not have a profile you can still send an e-mail to the seller.

    Click on the message seller button

  2. You can also phone the seller directly.

    A unique Product reference number will be displayed with the phone number to help identify your specific product query.

    Click on the telephone button to view the seller number.

What is my wishlist?

  1. Add a product to your wish list by clicking on the heart icon, at the bottom right corner of the product card

How do I sell my products and services on your website?

  1. On the main menu click on Post ad and follow the three easy steps

How long does my advert stay active?

  1. It stays active until you de-activate it by marking it as sold, expired or removing the ad.

    Visit your profile page, dashboard, and view your listed ads.