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Posted 2021-08-20 05:24:15
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AgriSeker | 'n Seker Toekoms

AgriSeker is a specialized underwriting manager in the crop insurance market whose vision and goal is to offer an Agricultural risk management service to clients, in order to play an important role in maintaining food security. The AgriSeker family is there for farmers, so that they can do their best to feed the country. AgriSeker has a wide service delivery network and is equipped to reach farmers all over South Africa.


AgriSeker is distinguished in the market in the way we do business with our values ​​intact, as well as by our unique family culture and efficiency, and because we have unique new systems and technologies that are built just for us.


The AgriSeker service that customers have been able to rely on for the past 20 years is rock solid in place to address their risks. If farmers insure with AgriSeker, they can have the confidence that claims will be paid out.


Accessibility, open communication and vibrant service delivery are intertwined with how the AgriSeker family does things.


Farming is known for the risks involved and we understand farmers' needs and risks.


We are located, all over South Africa, but all of our head office staff are located in Bethlehem


(285.15 km)

Bethlehem, South Africa


Do you have a question? A comment? Do you just want to talk about the future?


Please contact us on:

058 307 8600

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Product ref # A4ALL32897AD
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